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We take a balanced approach that provides cash liquidity, a Protected Growth component that incorporates strategically selected guaranteed growth and income products in order to assure that your money lasts as long as you do, and a thorough evaluation to determine an age appropriate equity portfolio that matches your personal risk tolerance. Your personal, customized Safe Money GPS will inform your choices to match your income to your lifestyle, and sustain that income through 30 plus years in retirement. The Safe Money GPS also identifies the optimum election strategy to maximize your Social Security benefit. Other SFG partners (CPAs, attorneys) are consulted, as needed.

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    Brian has one professional focus: To help clients understand their objectives, align their resources with their values, and make the utmost of their opportunities. You only get one retirement – shouldn’t it be your ideal? The financial decisions you make have profound consequences for you and your loved ones. You need income, security, and growth – no easy balancing act in the best of times.

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